May 6, 2014

Our Priest

Rev. Dr. Stephen Sturgeon

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Sturgeon

In 2014, the Rt.  Rev. Scott B. Hayashi ordained The Rev. Dr. Stephen Sturgeon as a priest, and then led a “Celegration of a New Ministry” service for the new vicar of St. John’s, Logan. Dr. Sturgeon had served as a deacon and congregational leader prior to the February 15th service. The deacon furthered his education and his preparation for ordination to the priesthood to be able to serve a Bishop”s Committee call to serve as Vicar. It has been a 14-year-long journey for the Ph.D in American History. He came to Logan to work in special collections at Utah State University, and became active in the St. John’s congregation.

He was ordained a Deacon in 2010 to serve the 140-year-old northern Utah church. When the Rev. Susan Springer left for a church in Colorado, the deacon offered to serve an interim leadership role. The congregation and Bishop’s Committee appreciated his ministry and petitioned Bishop Hayashi to allow him to be elevated to Vicar, upon his planned ordination to the priesthood. The Rev. Dr. Stephen Sturgeon received his doctorate at the University of Colorado and holds Master’s Degrees from UC-Berkeley and the University of Colorado.